Jetset Aluminzed Primer

The 510A JETSET™ ALUMINIZED URETHANE PRIMER is an extremely durable, single component protective coating system having unsurpassed adhesion to steel, aluminium and fibreglass.

This Primer is a single component aluminized urethane with excellent adhesion to hand cleaned steel, fibreglass, aluminium and aged paints. Recommended as an aluminium self-primer finish coat for normal weather and mild marine exposures and as an anti-bleed primer for chemical resistant finish coats. It can be top-coated with almost any type of finish system if a color coat is required.


  • Hard, abrasion resistant and flexible.
  • Outstanding adhesion to steel, fibreglass, galvanised aluminium, tightly adhered old paint etc.
  • Will not soften solvent sensitive coatings, alkyds, vinyls, acrylics etc.
  • Good resistance to mild acids, alkalis and fresh and salt water.
  • Can be applied at sub-zero temperatures as low as -10°C

Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

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