KLEER-O-SEAL 55™ employs nanotechnology and the next generation blend of microscopic VOC compliant chemicals that produce deep penetration in concrete. KLEER-O-SEAL 55™ reacts below the surface to create a durable seal and allow long-term successful results in all applications including difficult UV and freeze-thaw environments.

Should be used wherever quality sealing, concrete protection and low maintenance are desired. Provides a breathable hydrophobic sealer to all concrete and untreated masonry surfaces, good for all concrete, block, stone, brick, sidewalks, ramps, parking decks, stairs, and stucco.


  • Low maintenance
  • One coat system
  • Deep penetration into surface up to 25mm
  • Chemically reacts below the surface and in the top matrix
  • Water, salt and chemical resistance
  • Oil and gas resistance
  • Carbonation control
  • Corrosion and mildew resistance
  • Prevents spalling from freeze-thaw
  • Reduces or eliminates scaling
  • Protects from UV damage
  • Quick drying for early return to service
  • Increases life expectancy of concrete
  • Application temperatures 0°C to 35°C
  • VOC compliant

Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet