MG-Krete Fine

MG-KRETE FINE is ideal for concrete repairs and cures rapidly in most weather conditions – most applications can be returned to service within 1 hour.

Once installed MG-KRETE FINE provides a much stronger non-porous surface that is considerably tougher and more resilient to environmental conditions. It is further resistant to oils, fuels, salts and UV radiation. MG-KRETE lasts much longer and withstands wear and heavy traffic superior to traditional cement based patch material. It has a tenacious bond, doesn’t shrink, creating a surface that is more impervious to moisture, salt, fuels, and oils and requires no long-term maintenance.

The cost of removing and replacing concrete is substantial and very often inconvenient. MG-KRETE FINE has become the most cost efficient alternative available.

MG-KRETE FINE develops an extremely high MPA strength in a short period of time and aggressively bonds to most construction materials.

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet Part A

Safety Data Sheet Part B